Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's always fun to be in Tokyo!

Hi, I went to Tokyo for a second time this month. You might think I live very close to the capital, but actually it costs me as much as 25 us dollars by train for a round trip. I'm not sure how long Tokyo will stay as my favorite, but I want to enjoy it as long as I like it.

 I was walking along the street of AKB, when I saw this truck passing by. The anime is called "Haiyore Nyaruko-san", and it seems to be ongoing. It was advertising its DVD that was released on June 22.

Is there this kind of vending machine in your country? You can only see the pictures of what is sold, and if you touch the screen and pay money for the one you like you can get it. It's eco-friendly, isn't it?

 There is a food company in Japan that serves so many kinds of lunchbox for busy workers. The company is called ROCK FIELD, or R 1/F. I have eaten some of their food, but it was really tasty. This pic was taken in Shinjuku station. 

And as I got out of Shinjuku station, I saw this band playing some kind of music that sounded to me like the 90's J-Pop. I'm into rock music, so their music wasn't my type, but seeing them moving around holding the instruments was fun.  

We were really tired from walking on end in Tokyo, so we had some coffee at this Veloce. But we were put into the smoking section, which made it uncomfortable for us to stay. 

 This is an ad of Yodobashi Camera. Looks cool? 

Just before I got in the TX line, I bought this energy drink called "Monster Khaos". I saw it for the first time, which was the reason I bought it. The letter "K" makes it look like from North Europe in my book.

Actually it wasn't the energy drink that energized me, but it was the atmosphere of Tokyo that made me invigorated :D