Friday, August 10, 2012

Having fun in Tokyo

Hi, I think everybody is following how their countries are winning medals at the Olympics, but you know in Japan the games begin around the evening, so people go out without being concerned about the results of the Olympics. So my friend and me came to Tokyo again last weekend. 

As usual, I had searched for a nice restaurant in Tokyo. My friend had a stomach problem, so we had kept eating some Subway until recently, but since he recovered completely, we decided to have something that has a very thick taste. 

This restaurant "Chicken Place" is basically a bar, but it serves good rice and curry during the day. I took a pic of this bar, and the pic you're looking at is typically a room for the Japanese bar. 

This rice and curry's price was only 650 yen and the iced coffee 150 yen. I did enjoy the taste and since there weren't many people past 1pm, we could relax after the lunch.  

We were in Akihabara, but my friend found on his iphone that an exhibition of "Tut Ankh Amon" was being held in Ueno. So we came to Ueno to have some fun. 

One ticket per person was 3,000 yen, which translates into 38 US dollars, or 31 Euros. It was costly, but we decided to take a look only to get disappointed because they didn't bring the Tut's mask from Egypt. We waited in line for only 20 minutes. 

It was past 3pm after the exhibition, so we were feeling hungry. So we had sweets at a Japanese cafe called "Mihashi" in Ueno. This is called Kuzu mochi, which was elastic like rice cake. It tastes better with the brown powder (Kinako).  

And this drink was Matcha ice cream. As I said again and again, Matcha is like bitterer green tea. It helped me regain energy enough to walk around in Akihabara again. 

I learned this morning that the Japanese women's soccer team "Nadeshiko" had been defeated by the USA and that failed to grab gold medals. But they won silver medals for the first time, which made me happy nonetheless!