Thursday, May 24, 2012

永利 (A Chinese restaurant in Ikebukuro)

I went to Tokyo the other day. Or specifically I visited 池袋 (Ikebukuro) in Toshimaku, which is an area in Tokyo where many young people hang out. There is a renowned university called "Rikkyou Univ" in this area, and you can see many of its students walking there.

 But one thing that is notable about this area is that there is an increasing number of Chinese people living in this area. This is a restaurant I visited which seemed to be run by Chinese. 

 When I got in, there were already customers, all of whom were speaking Chinese. There are many people who are against Chinese people in Japan. But you know, no matter what they say online, they don't curse when they see them in person. And I'm a pacifist too. 

 This is a dish called "炒飯", which is something like fried rice. The Kanji reads "Chaahan". It's a Chinese dish, but we have it at home as it's easy to cook. But it's not easy to cook it like a pro. 

Do you know there is an area in China where Germans lived? This is the beer of the area "青島(Tsingtao)", and this booze is called Tsingtao beer. We can buy this beer in our neighborhood as its tasted would be liked by any beer-loving people. 

There are some Chinese shops where you can buy some as souvenirs. While 新大久保 (Shin-Okubo) is a place where Koreans live, this Ikebukuro is where you can see many Chinese.