Monday, May 7, 2012


The Golden Week lasted until yesterday. During the week we're supposed to do something special like traveling to a faraway place, but in my case I've come to Tokyo many times for the past years. So my friend and I had searched online for a restaurant in Tokyo where we could have a nice dinner.

The one we found was a hamburger shop that was in Suidoubashi, Tokyo. It's the station people use to go to Tokyo Dome where big concerts are held and baseball games are played.  

You might have noticed in the first pic, but there were these hamburger objects in front of the shop.  

 When I went in, I was happy to see the interior decorated in the old-fashioned way. In my opinion, all the furniture was like from old American movies. 

The hamburger I ordered had an egg sunny-side over. The taste was also classic, and it was what I was expecting from this shop. 

When I was seated a women at the next table was reading a book silently over tea. It was such tranquil atmosphere that I wanted to come here again soon.