Tuesday, May 1, 2012

AKB during Golden Week

As I explained before, we have a long vacation from the end of April to the beginning of May. It's called "Golden Week", and many Japanese go abroad to enjoy themselves. But since I went to Taiwan last November, I decided to stay in Japan.

As I had expected, AKB (Akihabara) was really crowded. I suppose some people came from the countryside, because they seemed to be amazed at the whole anime thing.  

 I dropped by this Doujin shop "White Canvas". It sells mainly Doujinshi, and there were other original goods that must have been invented by amateurs. It's only Sunday or holidays that you can see such goods sold in front of the shop. 

I had curry for lunch. There weren't many people at this restaurant "Ajanta", so my friend and I could relax over coffee. This set was "chicken curry", and the chicken was really soft, which made it easy for me to have it with the naan. 

I walked from AKB to Ochanomizu to buy CD's. I took this pic from a bridge where I could see the Chuo Line, which is the orange-striped cars. I bought Korn's unplugged live CD. 

If you come to AKB on Sunday, you can enjoy the pedestrian paradise in the Chuo St. But one thing you have to be careful about is that some electronic shops of AKB are closed on Sunday.  

This is a pic of Sofmap Nigoukan (the second annex). You can see the Madoka's pic, and it was an ad for her figurine sold in there.  

 During Golden Week you can see this flea market where you can buy many kinds of thing from figurines to ordinary T-shirts. It was hot like summer, and the weather was ideal for the people to open their stalls. 

I got this AKB map near the station. You can see where the Chuo St. is, which I mentioned in this post.

I was watching carefully if there were many foreign people, and I thought there were more than this time last year. We still have small earthquakes, but less frequently, like three times a month.