Monday, April 16, 2012

Harajuku and Sakura

As some of my friends know, I went to a concert by a Swedish heavy metal band "Arch Enemy". The venue was close to Harajuku station in Tokyo.

 Harajuku is known as a place where young people like teenagers get together, so there are many chic clothes shops and coffee houses. I don't know if I could say GAP is chic, but I thought this illumination looked so pretty.

 There was a pedestrian bridge from which I could overlook the area around the station. It was about 6pm. The concert began at 7pm. When we arrived here we were kinda lost so my friend searched this area on his iphone. It helped us a lot. 

 We were killing time so that we can be just in time for the main act. Any Doutor is never prettier than this. It shows why this area is hot among young people. 

 And these were what I was having before the show began. As I waited, young people came one after another. I wasn't going to stay here for more than an hour, but it started to rain and that kept us here needlessly longer. 

 And let me show you two Sakura pics. In the prefecture I live in, the Sakura trees started to blossom last weekend. The beauty of the Sakura always amazes me even though I've seen them many times. 

On this day, the temperature got close to 25 degrees Celsius. It was really an ideal day for the people in my area to take a walk and look at the Sakura. 

How do you celebrate the advent of spring? However you celebrate it, warm weather always makes us active, doesn't it?