Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kashiwa (柏)

There is a relatively big city "Kashiwa" in Chiba prefecture. It's about a 30 minutes' train ride from Tokyo, and it can be reached in the same time from where I live too. For the past few years I've visited AKB to do shopping, but I used to come to this city a lot before the line TX was in service.

 This is the entrance of a department store "Marui". You can buy many expensive clothes, watches, perfumes and etc in there. There are many clothes shops in my city too, but if you want to buy some as presents, you can get them easily at this Marui. The stall with the green flags nearside was selling "Zundamochi", which is a kind of rice cake sold in Sendai. 

 This Chinrai (珍来) is the Ramen chain that is the most well-known in Japan. You can see them everywhere in the Kanto region, but I don't think it's taste is very good. You can tell this shop from the others by recognizing this Dragon, which is holding the Ramen bowl. 

 And very often the main purpose I come to Kashiwa is to buy metal CD's. You can buy any CD's on Amazon, but most CD's are often cheaper at this shop. 

 I took a pic of a wall of the Diskunion. It sells not only metal but also J-Pop and even jazz CD's, too. 

 I bought this Murderdolls CD. I've been interested in it because the drummer of Slipknot plays the guitar in this band. It was only 6.8 us dollars, or about 5 Euros. 

We had these breads for lunch. The combination of the cheese and sausage gave a good taste, and in my book this "Delifrance" was better than any bakeries in my city. 

What cities do you want to visit except for Tokyo? Smaller cities of Japan have their own attraction too! :)