Wednesday, April 4, 2012

AKB in early spring

This is a bit late update, but I went to Akihabara again to buy a special outlet for my audio system. I'm a huge fan of music, so naturally I want to listen to it in good condition. So, a friend of mine told me I needed an outlet made for hospitals that conveys electricity without loss.

So the best place in Japan where you can buy it is of course Akihabara. I come to this place to enjoy myself mainly, but I think you can learn about the unique aspect of Japan visually as there are many anime ads.  

I introduced before this shop "Hobby Tengoku", but this was the first time I entered it. There were literally so many figurines and anime-related goods, and people were standing in line for the cashier. The word "Tengoku" basically means "heaven", but in this case it means "paradise". 

 This is an ad truck for the game "Moe can change!". As far as I searched, it's a game where you grow androids. The game is available on computer and smart phone. I don't know much about games, but they seem to be evolving very rapidly. 

A stamp rally was held in AKB. You should visit many shops in AKB to get stamps for rare goods. You can take part in this rally on an app, so you need your own smart phone. 

I was relaxing at a Veloce. I usually drink coffee, but this time I had hot Matcha latte. Matcha is like bitterer green tea, but if you blend it in milk, its bitterness gets weak and it will give a mild taste. 

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is promoting Japan as "cool". And the promotion itself is called "Cool Japan". Hope you'll find Japan cool someday :)