Sunday, February 5, 2012


Hey, people in Las Vegas :D This time last year, I introduced Miami Burger, and the Mcdonald's in Japan is offering a few kinds of American hamburger this year too. Basically this blog is about things of Japan, but when I find something foreign I feel urge to introduce it.

 I went to Las Vegas years ago, but I didn't have a hamburger there. I was a minor and wasn't even allowed in the casinos, so I made my bro buy some beers and had them in the hotel room to behave like an adult. 

Does this look delicious? In my book, the look wasn't very nice, but the taste was so-so. However, I felt strange after too much margarine was on my tongue. 

Most Japanese people are pro-America, because their pop culture influences Japan too. This is the ad for the burger as you can see. I know not everything about America is nice, but living in Japan we tend to be informed of mostly good things from the US like Lady Gaga, Hollywood, Manhattan and etc.