Monday, January 30, 2012

Olive no Oka (The Olive Hill)

I like to go to Tokyo, and some of my recent posts were on the capital. But I remember some of my friends told me that they like to see where I live. The city I live in is about 60km from Tokyo, and it's far less populated and there aren't as many restaurants of course.

I was really into Italian several years ago, but people seem to like something different these days like Kaiten sushi. There are as many as 4 different Kaiten sushi restaurants in my area. But on this day I wanted to try this Italian restaurant named "Olive no Oka". "Oka" means hill. 

 Like other Italian restaurants, a drink bar (where you can have as many refills as possible) was available. This machine is pouring coffee in the glass. 

 I was a bit concerned about the future of this restaurant as there weren't enough people. The dishes I ordered were instantly served. 

The left is of course pizza, and the right one had much seafood. I don't remember the name for the latter, sorry.  The tastes of the two were good compared to other Italian restaurants. But I'd say they were just good. 

People say food is very expensive in my city compared to Tokyo. It must be because every restaurant in the capital is competing against each other, but when I have less tasty dishes for more money, I can't help but think people in Tokyo are fortunate.