Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kaisen Misaki Kou (A sushi restaurant)

I think I haven't introduced a new sushi restaurant in a while. It's not because I didn't have sushi often, but because I haven't seen a newly opened one in my neighborhood. I go to Tokyo often, and it's where you can have good sushi too, but I tend to have good Ramen there as each Ramen shop is independent and unique.

 I went to a shopping mall last weekend, and there was this "Kaisen Misaki Kou". The meaning of "Kaisen" is seafood, and "Kou" is harbor, and "Misaki" means an area's name. I think this was the first time for me to try this. 

Have you ever heard you're not supposed to pick up those sushi because you can have fresher sushi by ordering? I think it holds true for almost every Kaiten sushi restaurant, but those sushi in the picture were fresh enough. 

 The nearside sushi is roe. The black round box includes green tea powder, and the Japanese reads, "Two spoonfuls are enough (for one cup of green tea)." 

I saw this sushi for the first time. Usually scallop is served raw, but this was roasted with "mirin", which is translated as "sweet cooking rice wine". It tastes sweet and smells of alcohol.