Monday, October 31, 2011

A day in Shinjuku

Last Saturday I wen to Shinjuku to see a movie that was shown only there in the Kanto region. It was rare for me to go to Shinjuku, as it is an area for ordinary people (I mean people who aren't Otaku). Shinjuku is where young people hang out, and there are a lot of department stores as well that older people like to visit.

 When I arrived here it was already 12:15. The temperature was mildly warm so you can see people wearing not much clothes. 

 As it was noon, we were feeling hungry. We had decided we would have lunch at a Ramen shop called "Yottekoya", simply because it was near the movie theater. 

And this was what I had. The taste was based on soy sauce, and it had a few slices of pork as well. I think this was very good and reasonably priced (about 650 yen), but my friend said it was just okay. The dumplings were half the price on this day. 

 And this is the movie theater, "Shinjuku Musashino Kan". "Kan" or 館 usually means a building that is not too huge. We saw the right movie whose name was "密告者" or the stool pigeon. I hadn't known the meaning of the English name. 

 I had waited for only 20 minutes before the movie started at 13:00. This movie was based on Hongkong, and since I visited it 2 years ago, the scenery was really familiar and I enjoyed it. And the movie itself was more than satisfying. It was thrilling and each character had own inner struggle, which gave depth to the movie. 

We discussed a lot about the movie at this cafe "Segafredo Zanetti". This was just a few minutes away from the theater.  

This was a cafe latte, but the coffee was so strong that it blended nicely with the milk. This was about 370 yen. You can visit the site of this coffee shop by clicking this. It's in English.