Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Houjou (北条)

There is an area in my city that is called "Houjou", and it is where we can still see old streets that seem to be about 30 years ago. Many towns near Tokyo underwent redevelopment, but this area has stayed intact even now.

I could see several old streets, along which old shops lined up, but basically what you can enjoy seeing here are mostly shrines and temples.  

And this was one of the temples that was a few steps away from the street. I don't understand the Kanji on the board, but it seems this temple is based on Zen, which Steve Jobs also practiced to stabilize his mind.  

I could see sculptures on the upper gate. I suppose the Dragons' origin should be China, but it's important here in Japan too. 

While I was walking about I found this cafe. Can you see that cute post?  

The interior seemed to be based on the Showa period, which was from 1926 to 1989.  

These radio and typewriter must have been made in the Showa period too. They seemed really cool, and would be much more so if they work even now.  

I ordered an iced coffee. We call it "Ice Coffee" in Japanese, but when the taste is old-fashioned we call it "Reikou", or 冷珈. The taste of this coffee was that of the latter. 

Would you want to see Japanese things that are old, or new? You can see the both of them in the  areas around Tokyo.