Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ENMEN and Sushi

I have been a bit busy lately and unable to update my blog. But I managed to go to Akihabara last weekend, and enjoyed some gourmet. I used to frequent Akihabara to see anime stuff before, but now the main purpose is to have good food. 

 Let me introduce "ENMEN", which is near Akihabara station. 炎麺 reads "ENMEN", and it would be translated as "Fiery Noodles". 

 I entered the Ramen shop in the basement, and it had some autographs probably by famous people. The shop's waitress spoke Japanese, but she seemed to be Chinese.

 I ordered Tomato Ramen, which was one of the specialties of this shop. You could choose spicier one. I think this Ramen had some butter in the broth, and it gave thickness to the taste. 

 And I had sushi for dinner at this sushi restaurant called "Sushi-zanmai". In this case, "zanmai" means "to indulge". So "Sushi-zanmai" would be "Indulge in sushi". 

There were 4 or 5 chefs, and one of them served these very fresh tuna sushi. One piece of sushi cost as much as 3 dollars.