Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lunch at Denny's

Those living in the northern hemisphere would think it's now fall. A very strong typhoon landed Japan last week, and it was very humid because of the rain, but now it's gone and we're feeling much drier and cooler than in early September. 

 I want to introduce a new restaurant every time I make a new post, but you can have different meals at the same restaurant if you visit it in a different season. I introduced the restaurant called COCO'S before, and my city has many of it, but my favorite has been always Denny's.

 People say I have less for lunch than ordinary guys. This was a sandwich that had vegetables including avocado. The sauce you can see beyond was mayonnaise that had cod roe. Its taste was a bit too strong, so I had the sandwich as it was.

And the name of this dessert was "Rolled Mocchiri Purple Sweet Potatoe". It was basically sweet potato wrapped in thin sheets that were made of rice cake. The meaning of the "Mocchiri" is "soft and elastic". It is like a variant of Mochi, which means rice cake. 

The Japanese Denny's is one of a few family restaurants where you can have very good desserts. It's autumn after all, so why not try some fruits that you can have only now?