Sunday, September 18, 2011

Walk in Akihabara -17-

I've been a bit busy this month, and I haven't visited Akihabara in a while. But I got done an important thing last week, and managed to come to this Otaku area yesterday.

 I had a favorite anime that was broadcast this time last year, and the name of the anime was "Ika Musume". "Ika" means squid, and "Musume" is like chick. And it's going to have the second season that starts to be broadcast on Sep 26. This is a banner of the anime that I saw on the facade of GAMERS.

 And I had Ramen for lunch as usual. This shop's name was "Hito Hana", which literally means "One flower". 

The one I ordered was based on soy sauce. The taste was so-so. I wished it didn't have many bean sprouts since it diluted the taste of the broth. 

I'm an Otaku after all. This K-Books sells manga, light novels and Doujinshi for guys. There were really lewd ones too, but that's not an element I want in manga. 

So I bought this Nagato-themed Doujinshi. It was fun to read and funny at the same time. Some stories were based on the second season of Haruhi, and you wouldn't enjoy them unless you know the second season. The price was only 210 yen.

And when I was walking along Chuo Street, I saw this truck where you can experience mock earthquakes. The level of the earthquake intensified from Scale 3 to 7 as I watched. You will be forced to be on your knees when a Scale 7 earthquake hits. You can see the man is putting his head under the table as the room on the truck jolted. 

There is a Tower Records in Yodobashi Akiba, and it was selling imported cds very cheaply because of the soaring yen. I belatedly bought the latest Limp Bizkit cd. They're going to perform in a rock festival "Loud Park" on Oct 15th. I wish I could go.