Saturday, September 10, 2011


In Japan it's autumn now and we've started to feel cool in the morning and evening. But it gets as hot as 30 degrees Celsius around noon. However, as it's not humid at all, we can do without air conditioners all day. Btw, my friend informed me that there was a really good Soba restaurant in a nearby city, so we had lunch there.

 This restaurant's name was "Kibachibou". Though I can understand the "Kibachi" and "bou" separately, the combination made no sense to me. "Kibachi" is a wooden bowl, and "bou" is a monk or a little boy.

But I guess the "bou" in this case meant a monk, as there was this Buddha picture on the wall.

I explained what Soba was before, but it's basically noodles made from Soba powder, which can be taken from berries of the plant called "Soba". You can look at a pic of the Soba berries by clicking this

The Soba noodles were really good, but what I really enjoyed was this "Tempura" which had fried shrimps. You're supposed to have this after dipping it in the green salt on the left. The reason for the green color was because it was a mixture of salt and green tea.