Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gundam in Tokyo

A standing Gundam that is now on display in Odaiba, Tokyo.

The eyes of this robot flash from time to time.

I know many bloggers are uploading pics of this Gundam, but as a Japanese I also strongly felt the need to go to Odaiba to take a look at it. To those who don't know this, this robot is based on the anime Gundam that was first aired on TV in '79. Many of the boys back then didn't know the anime, but as time went by and the anime was aired again and again, it became really popular and even I got interested in it later on. Ther are many of its sequels like Gundam X, V, and W, but the first Gundam is authentic and the most widely-supported by its Japanese fans.

When I went to see this there were many foreign people including foreign women coming to see this. Some of them seemed aged over 30 or even 40, by which I could see its popuarity in older generations in countries abroad.