Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sushi and then some

Hi, it's getting really cold in my area too. I went to Akihabara two weeks ago, but there wasn't anything new that was worthy of taking pics of. So let me show you some random pictures that were taken in my area. 

 This is the biggest department store in my area, and it is called SEIBU. Though you can see the sign CREO big, people call it SEIBU because SEIBU, which occupies the left part of the building, sells luxurious goods that draw people. The merry-go-round you can see gets set up in November in preparation for Christmas.

 I had sushi recently. This set was only 980 yen (about 11 US dollars). It was very inexpensive for this volume.

 And let me show you my favorite, "anago". Foreign people often say they like eel as sushi, but to be specific we don't have eel but anago as sushi. Their tastes are a little different from each other.

And this is a picture of an anago. Yes, it does look like an eel, but while eels live mostly in the river, anagos are found in the sea. Japanese people would understand if you say "My favorite is anago", instead of eel.

Do you eat sushi as it's good for your health? I saw on TV people in New York saying something like that.