Friday, April 19, 2013


Hi everyone, it's been a while. Honestly speaking I haven't been feeling well and I lacked enough photos that would be new to most of you. Those are the reasons why I haven't updated this blog, but I've visited Akihabara several times since last November.
 Now it's very warm in Tokyo, and you'd need only a jacket to walk down the streets of Akihabara. The main purpose of this time's visit was to buy rechargeable batteries. I bought two, and each cost only 8 dollars. 

 Another purpose was to have lunch at this steak house. I've passed this restaurant many times before because it's almost in the center of Akihabara. 

 There were many choices. My friend is a huge fan of steak, so he couldn't make his choice quickly. Those are his hands. 

This is the one I ordered. We weren't going to see anybody after this, so having much garlic wasn't any problem at all. Would you mind the smell of garlic? 

I want to update this blog when I feel up to it. Hope I will encounter something new that hasn't shown up in this blog so far :)