Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Flying Garden (The Bomb Hamburg Steak)

A friend of mine told me he liked the Bikkuri Donkey post that I made last year. So I thought I should make a sequel to it. Let me show you what I had for lunch the other day.

 The restaurant I'm going to introduce is called "The Flying Garden". I started to see it about 9 years ago or so in my city. It seems it's not so popular as it used to be, but it keeps serving good dishes even now. The Japanese on the lower sign reads, "The Bomb Hamburg". The red kanji is read as "bakudan" in Hiragana, which means "bomb".

 The outside look of The Flying Garden. As you might have noticed, this restaurant is popular among physical laborers. 

 Because this restaurant's name includes "garden", the interior looks like a garden. You'd love this.

 This salad is "The hot chicken salad". The chicken was really spicy and the dressing was mildly sour. 

Don't they look like bombs? This is "The Bomb Hamburg Steak" set. Before they were cut open, they were like one brown ball. And the white stuff is ground horseradish that tasted like wasabi. The amount was more than enough, and that must be the reason why physical laborers frequent this restaurant.