Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tully's Coffee

Those who started to read my blog recently might not know I'm a huge fan of iced coffee. I usually go to Doutor to have coffee, but this coffee shop Tully's offers as good coffee or better. Tully's is similar to Starbucks as far as the prices are concerned, but I'd say Tully's coffee tastes much better.

As I introduced two years ago, there is an outlet mall in my neighborhood. I was looking for nice clothes going from one shop to another, and got tired from walking. There was a Tully's in the center of my city as well but it went out of business, and this is the nearest one.  

As you can see, the design and layout of the counter are similar to Starbucks'. I've heard this coffee shop originated from Seattle, so I guess Americans are familiar with this. 

And this was "Iced coffee". One cup cost about 4.3 dollars. I think it was relatively expensive as we can have a Mcdonald's hamburger set for 7.4 dollars in Japan. But you know, when you want to have something in a good atmosphere, you shouldn't be stingy.