Friday, June 3, 2011

Shin Chou Jou (A Chinese restaurant)

These days I often go to Tokyo, but I think there are many blogs about Tokyo. So sometimes I wonder if my posts on the capital might be similar to others'. Therefore I like to introduce something local once in a while.

 I came to this Chinese restaurant last week. Basically I think posts should be up to date, but I don't have much free time during weekdays. I think people avoided Chinese food until recently, but when Japanese vegetables are contaminated with radioactive materials, there's no point in saying Chinese food isn't safe. 

 The chefs and waiters seemed to be Chinese. One of them was fluent in Japanese. I often speak in English to understand what foreign people say, but when I'm in Japan foreigners try to speak in Japanese, which I feel strange. 

The Ramen was called "Tou Shou Men", and its noodles were basically shredded pieces. And the fried stuff you can see nearside are "Gyouza". Each sheet of flour wraps some ground chicken that was boiled beforehand.