Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ootoya (A reasonable Japanese restaurant)

Let me introduce what I had for lunch last weekend. My friends and I were looking for a good independent restaurant, but we ended up at a restaurant in a mall. I think the tastes of restaurants in malls are agreeable to anybody, so there is often nothing special about them.

However, this restaurant is known for its inexpensive dishes. The one I ordered cost only 7.5 dollars. Almost all the seats were occupied, and I wondered if that was the case on weekdays too.  

 The purple line reads, "Ootoya is trying to reduce the amount of CO2 we emit". The chopsticks were made of plastic instead of wood. 

And this was "The Ootoya set". On the dish you can see fried chicken, macaroni, a sunny-side up,   and the last one was sitting on a croquette that had mashed potato and pumpkin inside. And this dish had rice, miso soup, and pickles in addition. You might think this set was cheap because people are pinching pennies in this recession, but this restaurant has been offering good and inexpensive dishes since before that.