Monday, June 27, 2011

Nasu (A resort area)

Over the weekend I stayed in the area "Nasu" in Tochigi prefecture. It was reported in newspapers that the number of tourists who visit Nasu was on the decrease out of concern for the nuclear radiation leak. But according to the website of Tochigi prefecture, the level of radiation in the air was about 0.11 micro sieverts/hour. Under normal circumstances, you can be safely exposed to 1,000 micro sieverts/year, so, the level in Tochigi was safe enough.

 Nasu is where people come to stay away from the summer heat. When I was in my city, the temperature was over 30 degrees Celsius, but it was about 27 degrees here. There were many chic cafes and souvenir shops in Nasu, and we had a coffee at this "Shozo Cafe". 

The coffee cost 650 yen. The coffee I usually order at Dotour is about 170 yen, so you'd see how high the price was at the cafe. But as you can see, we could enjoy this tranquil and green garden while we were sipping. It was worth the price. 

 And after the cafe I came to this Asian souvenir shop. It was located a few hundred meters from there. I liked this ethnic gate. 

Most of the souvenirs sold here were incense and accessories. These incense sticks smelled so good, but I wondered if it would suit my room. While I was here, the temperature rose suddenly, and it really felt hot like Indonesia.  

 Do you remember I referred to Indian God "Ganesha" before? He helps you to be successful in studying and business. I think this shop was full of things from south-eastern Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. I'm Asian but still I found those three to be very different yet interesting.  

The lower temperature of Nasu is attributed to its high altitudes.  I saw some suspended bridges. The greenery seemed so good as a background of this bridge. 

I looked down a bit and the color of the river was nice too. 

The talented singer Lady Gaga is now in Japan and she insisted Japan was safe to visit. I'm really thankful that she came to Japan to encourage us. I just can't help hoping more foreign people come to my country like she did. Btw, how do you like Nasu?