Saturday, December 3, 2011

K-ON! movie premiered!

Hi, it's December 3rd in Japan, and it's the day when the K-ON! movie was released. Like I did for the Haruhi movie, I don't spoil anything for you, but I want to show what I experienced today.

 This is the only movie theater where the movie is available in my prefecture. It's called MOVIX. It's different from where I saw the Haruhi movie.

 I woke up a bit late today, so I decided to see it at 13:10pm. The movie is based on London, so you can see Big Ben in the picture. 

 I was killing one hour at a coffee shop "Bad Ass Coffee" before the movie began. Sorry, my watch wasn't indicating the correct date.

 There was this Prikura machine in the hall of the theater. You can take a pic of yourself with the background the same as the movie. You can set the pic as your cellphone wallpaper as well. 

As I entered the theater, a staffer gave me the lyrics of a song dedicated to Azusa. Can you read the Japanese? It seems like the kind of scribble that high school students leave, doesn't it? 

Sadly about a half of the seats was vacant. Even though K-ON! is so popular in Japan, it proved to be hard to attract most fans. But the movie was good with new vibrant songs! Hope you can see it someday! =)