Friday, December 30, 2011

Akihabara at year-end

Yesterday I went to Akihabara to do some shopping. And since my friend had a birthday, I had made up my mind to treat him to a nice lunch there. I visited Akihabara at year-end of last year too, but it's because I feel like my year doesn't end without seeing the anime area.

 There is a multiple-storied building in Akihabara that is owned by one meat company "Mansei(万世)". I've seen this building many times before, but hadn't known what kind of food they would serve until I checked its website. 

 This is what I treated my friend to. It looks like an ordinary hamburg steak, but the price was much higher than the ordinary and the steak was really juicy. My friend seemed to be satisfied and that made me happy too. 

 While I was walking along the street of Akihabara, I saw this cat dancing. The man on her right was screaming that this was the only opportunity where I could take pics freely. Not too sure what this cat is though. 

  Are you already familiar with who Nana Muzuki(水樹 奈々) is? She is going to sing in the TV show "Red and White Singing Contest" tomorrow. The singers who were chosen by the show are respected as decent and talented ones. Nana is basically a Seiyuu (voice actress), and it is rare for a Seiyuu to be chosen. But she has such an incredible talent as a singer too.

 You know, Akihabara is where you can see many anime things whether they're old or new. This robot is called "Gigantor", or 鉄人28号. I know a bit about this anime, but I guess it was broadcast in the '70s or before. 

 And another thing I saw was these figurines. It's hard to recognize, but Haruhi is wearing the red armor at the left side of the back row. A few years ago, the anime "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" was the most successful anime in Japan.

 After doing the shopping and walking around, we had coffee at this "VELOCE". One cup of coffee was about 2 Euros.

And when I was walking in the station on my way back, I saw this Lucky Star poster that was advertising the 9th volume of the manga. It is only in Akihabara that you can see this kind of big anime poster.

I saw several foreign people, but according to online news, the number of foreign tourists is still far below the average of last year. It's warmer in Tokyo than most cities of Europe, so you'd feel comfortable if you come to Akihabara in winter. :)