Friday, February 11, 2011

Burger King

I think the nearest Burger King from where I live is in Akihabara. I think there are so many outlets of BK in the USA, but BK withdrew from the business in Japan in ’01 but got in business again years later. I mean, I think it's one of the reasons why I don't see one in my city.

 I think this is the second or third time it snowed in Tokyo this winter. I was thinking there wouldn't be many people in Tokyo today, but the streets of Akihabara were full of people. This is one side of Akihabara station that has "Atre", which is a department store.

 I think BK generally has a cool outside look compared to other hamburger shops. This BK is close to the Showa street in Akihabara. Is this the same as the BK's in the USA?

 It took almost the same time as Mcdonald's before my burger and stuff were served. I basically tend to think you have to wait for a while if you want to have a good burger like MOS Burger

This is the most basic set called "Whopper". As the name suggests, this burger is much larger than Mcdonald's or MOS burger's. The fried rings to the right of the iced coffee are "Onion Rings". I have to say the coffee was the best of all the other burger shops'. And my friend said the same thing to me.

I've been to the USA twice, but I don't remember the exact details of the trips, so I'd like to leave it up to you Americans to decide whether this BK is similar or the same.