Sunday, February 20, 2011

Asa Mac (Breakfast at McDonald's)

Is it common in your country to have breakfast at McDonald's? I usually don't have breakfast at a restaurant, but I had to visit my friend's condo early in the morning, so I left home early and dropped by the nearest McDonald's. 

There is a menu that is available only in the morning at McDonald's across Japan, and the menu gets replaced by a regular one at 10:30 am. The hamburger you can see is called "Sausage McMuffin", and it comes with a piece of fried potato and a drink if you order it as a set. I was given two tickets with which I can have a drink twice free of charge.  

It was very tranquil as I got here at 7:30 am, but the shop started to get crowded when I was about to leave. I had a coupon that enabled me to have the set for only 340 yen.  

It depends on each outlet, but at some you can read newspapers. This one is a kind of "Sports newspaper", and it has lots of gossips and focuses mainly on sports articles. And I also read another newspaper "Yomiuri Shinbun", which is comprehensive like New York Times. If you want to read news on Japan, you can click this link and read "The Japan Times". It helped me learn new English words, and how Japanese hot topics were translated.