Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I think some of the people who read my blog live in the USA or Europe, and they would be busy preparing for Christmas. Japanese people also celebrate the birthday of Jesus, but people normally don't associate the day with Christianity. And I'm one of those people, and think I'll just have some KFC at home on the night of 24. 

An ad said this restaurant "Fuufuan" served a set of soba and Katsudon for less than 1,000 yen, so I drove more than 30 minutes to have good lunch on Saturday. The meaning of "Fuufu", is " husband and wife".

At traditional Japanese restaurants, there are often tables and "Zashiki" where you have to sit on the floor with your legs folded. And we chose the latter.  

The waitress delivered the soba first, and this soba was as good as some we can have at a very good soba restaurant. While we were waiting, a congressman of my prefecture approached us and he gave me his name card. Guessed this restaurant was frequented by lots of local people. 

I think I introduced this dish called "Katsudon". The fried stuff you see underneath the raw egg is sliced pork that was deep-fried. As there was a little soba in this set, this Katsudon was just what I needed to fill my stomach.

The 23rd of this week is a holiday in Japan, and it is the day when our current emperor was born.