Thursday, December 2, 2010

Denny's in Japan

This blog should be based on things typically seen in Japan, but it is sometimes hard to find purely Japanese things. But I think even things commonly seen in the USA or Europe differ slightly from our counterparts. And this Denny's should be one of them too. 

 I frequented two Denny's in my area, and one was open from the morning to midnight. And this one is open 24/7.

 I came here last Sunday morning, and I could see customers sparsely. As I showed in the previous post, we push the button to get the attention of the waitresses, but at Denny's you should raise your voice or hand. 

 I think this menu might be seen in Japan only. You can have a soft drink with 180 yen in addition to the dish you order, or with additional 280 yen for unlimited refills. We have something called "Drink Bar" at most restaurants, and in order to vie with those restaurants, I guess Denny's had to introduce this bit different style.

Ehm....I don't remember the exact name of this dish, but it is basically a hamburger steak with porcini mushrooms on top of it. And the sauce was demiglace. Since I was small, hamburger steaks were the main attraction at almost all Japanese family restaurants. It is liked by kids and adults, and you'd feel full without an additional dessert.