Friday, May 28, 2010

Rental dvd shop

I told you before that we often rent dvds or cds instead of downloading them off the Internet. It is because renting those discs are really cheap. For example, at this bookstore you can rent a dvd for only a dollar and you can keep it for as long as a week. And Blue-ray dvds often go for the same price. There are shops where you can rent dvds only, but usually we rent dvds at bookstores where they also sell magazines, manga, stationery, and even snacks.
 J-drama that were so popular tend to be released as movie. Are Japanese movies well-known in your country? I tend to watch foreign ones only. These are all dvds of J-movie.

This one is called "Ikigami" and it features Shouta Matsuda, whose father was a now deceased actor Yuusaku Matsuda, who was active in the '70s and '80s. You can go to the website of Ikigami by clicking this.

This is a movie (Koizora) that was popular among high school girls in Japan. The original story came from its novel that was available on cellphone. Then it was released as a book and then a movie. This movie features now 21-year-old Yui Aragaki, who is basically known as an actress. 

On this day, I could rent dvds for half a dollar. I think this is because people are pinching pennies amid this recession and this kind of rental bookstores are forced to lower the price.

As I told you, this store sells manga as well. It doesn't sell so many manga as Wondergoo, but very popular titles seemed to be available. What you can see in the center is "Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu". Its story is on students taking exams in high school. 

This manga "Kuroshitsuji" or Black Butler is popular among girls mainly. It is popular enough to have so many volumes as this, and it was also released as anime and drama CD's, with which you can "listen" to the story that often varies a bit from the original one.