Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cafe de Shippona

I was thinking of visiting Tokyo last weekend, but I had something to do in my city, which kept me from going. I think I might go to the capital this weekend, but I'm not really sure. By the way, I went to a restaurant in my city last weekend that seemed a bit unique. 

 The name for this cafe is "Cafe de しっぽな". You can see the name written on the two places in the pic. I think しっぽな(Shippona) is a coined word, which would basically mean "tail". 

 There were so many figures and pictures of cat all over the restaurant. You'd think the owner of this cafe should be a cat person. 

 One example of the figures was this. This place seemed like one for girls, so I was a bit embarrassed. I could see many female customers. 

 And another thing was this. Do you like it? 

I ordered "A chicken cutlet set" for lunch. The left saucer was shaped like a cat again. The taste of the cutlet was much better than ordinary family restaurants. Next time I come here I should bring a woman to mitigate my embarrassment. ^^;